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Digital Eye Strain is a topic you may have heard discussed recently.  Digital eye strain refers to the stress you experience as your eyes are over-exposed to high energy visible (HEV) light through smartphone, computer screens, and tablet use.  Sources of HEV light are all around us, including LED light bulbs and in the atmosphere itself.  But the more and more we use our screens, the more our exposure to HEV light is increased and the more we notice blurry vision, headaches, decreased school and work performance, and trouble sleeping.  Of course the best thing you can do is turn off the screen! When that’s not an option, your glasses can help protect your eyes from HEV light.  There are many options in prescription lenses, including “anti-fatigue” lenses and smart blue-filtered lenses.  For those of us lucky enough not to need prescription, there are also non-prescription HEV light blocking glasses that can help soothe your eyes in front of your screen.

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